This site is dedicated to ABC, FOX News, CNN, the mainstream media, and to the “good” citizens of America with real concerns about the patriotism of Barack Obama for not wearing an American Flag pin. This topic took priority over the issue said to be most important to America, the economy, so it MUST be important. How important? Just ask Charles Gibson and Pennsylvania citizen, Nash McCabe. This quote comes from the New York Times article which states:

Ask whom she might vote for in the coming presidential primary election and Nash McCabe, 52, seems almost relieved to be able to unpack the dossier she has been collecting in her head.

It is not about whom she likes, but more a bill of particulars about why she cannot vote for Senator Barack Obama of Illinois.

“How can I vote for a president who won’t wear a flag pin?” Mrs. McCabe, a recently unemployed clerk typist, said in a booth at the Valley Dairy luncheonette in this quiet, small city in western Pennsylvania.

Mr. Obama has said patriotism is about ideas, not flag pins.

“I watch him on TV,” Mrs. McCabe said. “I keep looking for that lapel pin.”

According to Charles Gibson, the issue of wearing an American flag pin

“…goes to the basic issue of electibility” – Charles Gibson ABC
“…this comes up again and again when we talk to voters” – Charles Gibson ABC
“…it is all over the internet”
“…something of a theme that could (be)…a major vulnerability” – Charles Gibson ABC

This site also covers other media distractions that plagues our politics today and occupies the minds of pundits and some “concerned” citizens.


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