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The real meaning of patriotism: Flag Pin like Obama or no flag pin like McCain?

June 26, 2008


Barack Obama wears an American Flag Lapel Pin

June 12, 2008

Obama says the American Pledge of Alligence with his hand over his heart, and wears a flag pin

June 12, 2008

Flag Pin? Obama = YES, McCain = NO!

June 5, 2008

“A question of electibility” – Charles Gibson

Barack Obama wears a flag pin today, but McCain doesn’t :(

May 13, 2008

Ron Paul – no flag pin

April 24, 2008

Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York. Surely she wears a flag pin after 9/11

April 24, 2008

no flag pin

Is John Edwards teaching our kids to be unPatriotic?

April 24, 2008

Is John Edwards teaching our kids to be unpatriotic and unAmerican? What a bad example to young people, where the heck is his American flag lapel pin? Poor kid.

Lou Dobbs NOT wearing a flag pin!

April 24, 2008

At a February 2002 conference in Dallas, Lou Dobbs shows his lack of patriotism. No flag pin!

Sean Hannity not wearing flag pins!

April 24, 2008